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Youth Ministries

WHY Westover Hills Youth

Youth in grades 6-12 meet almost every Sunday during the school year, 5pm-7:30pm in the Gym for games, worship, more games, dinner and good conversation, and then some more games before we pray and go home--our favorites are dodgeball, sardines, basketball, capture-the-flag, scavenger hunts and cards.  Our group is happy to have guests and friends join us anytime, no reservations required; most meetings have between 6 and 15 people.  The group is led by Rev. Frank LeBlanc of Westover Hills, and Rev. Marie Mainard O'Connell of First Presbyterian Church.  Our adult leaders hail from both churches as well, and we enjoy having at least three or four churches represented anytime we get together.  If you'd like a calendar of the meetings, please speak with Frank--and yes, you can come!