Cotham Lectures

Rev. Amos Disasa

The Cotham Lecture Trust was established at Westover Hills in 1967, in memory of E. Ralph Cotham V. For over fifty years, the Trust has made it possible for Westover Hills to bring in distinguished speakers for the benefit of the church of Jesus Christ in the Little Rock community.

2020 Cotham Lectures September 20 and 21 – Register Early!

Rev. Amos Disasa

Nothing to Deserve Death: The Lynching of Jesus

For Cotham Lectures on September 20 and 21, we’re delighted to bring you three on-screen presentations by one of the most eloquent young pastors in the Presbyterian Church (USA), Rev. Amos Disasa, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas, TX. Reverend Disasa is a native of Ethiopia who came to the U.S. as a child and grew up in South Carolina. He has been active in pathbreaking ministries in the U.S. and South America, and he is a remarkable preacher and interpreter of the connections between the death of Jesus and the racial strife of today.

He will be preaching in our worship service for Sunday, September 20.  His presentations Sunday night and Monday night, September 20 and 21, will both be at 7:00 p.m. and available by Zoom. You can find Zoom registration links for the two evening presentations below. Be sure to click on both links so you’re registered for both events. Since there’s space for only 500 people, and we’re advertising far and wide, be sure to register now. You will get a confirmation email from First Presbyterian Church Dallas.

Zoom links for Rev. Amos Disasa’s presentations – Nothing to Deserve Death: The lynching of Jesus as seen by a black American born in Africa follow.

Registration link to Sunday evening’s Cotham Lecture:

Registration link to Monday evening’s Cotham Lecture:


Past speakers have been John Pavlovitz, Eric Barreto, Carol Howard Merritt, Rachel Held Evans, Bobby Williamson