Troupons: Coupons for Troops

Westover’s Presbyterian Women clip coupons to support the charities they work with by supplying items they can use – often getting free items (toothpaste, shampoo, canned goods, deodorant, etc.) or at greatly reduced cost (detergent, fabric softener, soaps, paper towels, etc). These supplies are donated to Our House, Women and Children First, the boys at Trimble House, PATH (shelter for individuals who have been trafficked), and other charities when there are special needs.

Secondly, free or low cost items are available for use with our Family Promise guests (cereals, snacks, laundry items, etc.) plus items for use at Westover including condiments for the kitchen, cleaning and laundry supplies, and items for special events such as our picnics, etc.

Troopons: Westover’s PW clips and sends coupons to “Support Our Troops” organization. Called “Troopons,” they are sent to US Military Bases around the world to help service personnel and their families with the high cost of living overseas when they shop at commissaries. They are also used at bases in the USA. Since the project began in 2013, Westover has sent over $1 million worth of coupons to the Troopons program.