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WHPC Statement on Racial Equity

We at Westover Hills acknowledge that our society is damaged by the pervasive destructiveness of systemic racism. We recognize, as well, that the institutions within our community, including the church, have done too little to address the pain of people in the Black community who feel that their lives matter too little.

As a faith community, we recognize a biblical mandate to confess and address the evil of racism. We find in Holy Scripture, both in the great Hebrew prophetic texts and in the Gospels, evidence of God’s desire that people live together in peace. We are followers of Jesus and observe that he was himself a member of a minority and established his ministry and teaching within the context of powerlessness and injustice.

Our church has a long history of supporting racial justice, dating to its public stand in favor of the peaceful desegregation of Little Rock schools during the Central High School crisis in 1957, and we recognize that we must continue to be vigilant in addressing the ways racism undermines our world today.

To this end, we will encourage each other to pray for Westover and for our community to be in solidarity with all of those who feel oppressed; to educate ourselves about the experiences and causes of racial discrimination; and to build partnerships across racial and ethnic boundaries in order to support full equity in access to the health, educational, and economic resources of our city and our nation.

Rev. Carl McCormack

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