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Holy One,

There is still much work to be done.

The struggle for justice stretches out before us today

just as it did yesterday and in days gone by.

One decision has not changed the reality that

many still live with fear.

Equality is not yet realized

and equity is but a distant dream.

Give us strength to continue the struggle today,


and until your kin-dom comes.

In the name of your son, Christ Jesus we pray.



Rev. Dr. Diane Moffett

President & Executive Director

Presbyterian Mission Agency

Rev. Carl McCormack
Pastor's Message: We are not there yet. This past week another vaccine was approved for use in our country, giving us an arsenal of three powerful medicines to fight the COVID-19 virus. But some state governors have decided that since our salvation from the pandemic is on the horizon, their constituents can go back to a normal life, and cease all methods of stopping the spread of the illness. The CDC, in order to keep us healthy, says, “We need to continue to be cautious even with a bright outlook for the future. We’re not there yet.” The church just passed the mid-point of the season of Lent, a time of reflection and prayer as we move toward the church’s grand celebration of Easter. But with the warm, sunny weather outdoors we are tempted to think that our Lenten time of waiting is over, and it is now time to celebrate the arrival of Spring and Easter Sunday. But we’re not there yet. The season of Lent is not over. We have much to do before we consider the “Hallelujahs” of Easter. We must consider why Jesus wanted to go to Jerusalem and face ridicule and violence at the hands of the religious leadership. We can wave our palm leaves on Palm Sunday, as long as we remember that the same crowd that shouted, “Hosanna,” shouted, “Crucify him!” five days later. We have not yet shared the Passover meal with Jesus and the disciples; we have not made the hard journey up the rugged hill of Calvary; we have not felt the earth tremble and quake at the moment Jesus died. All of this, and more, happened because God so loved the world, including you and me, that God went to the cross and died for us. And God did so even though we are unworthy of it. There is still much to consider and reflect upon, and pray about, during what is left of the season of Lent. Easter is coming. But we are not there yet.
Rev. Carl McCormack

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