Westover Hills Presbyterian Church is, by the grace of God, an open community of faith who come together to serve Jesus Christ and share the message of God’s love throughout the world through worship, fellowship, outreach, and education.

We teach and share; we sing and laugh; we roll up our sleeves and get involved; and sometimes, we just sit quietly in God’s presence.

Our Beginnings – a place for worship, learning, and fellowship on the outskirts of town.

Westover was born out of the vision of an established Bible study class for planting a chapel in the growing western edge of Little Rock. In 1948, the class members bought three lots at the corner of McKinley and Kavanaugh.

One day a young seminary intern drove past the property, saw the sign announcing the new church development, and thought, “What a wonderful place to start your ministry!” That intern, Richard B. Hardie, preached his first sermon in that chapel the next year; he served as Westover Hills’ pastor until he retired in the 1980s. Our earliest outreach endeavor, the Westover Hills Preschool, remains a vital part of our local ministry.

Our Identity – outreach shaped by the gospel mandate of a just society.

Westover’s unique vision as a worshiping community took shape under the pastorate of “Preacher Dick”. In 1957, Little Rock was rocked by conflict over court-ordered school desegregation. Governor Orval Faubus deployed the National Guard to prevent black students from enrolling at Central High School, and ultimately closed the public schools rather than integrate them.

With the blessing of the pastor and church governing body, women from Westover and other churches organized to “save our schools”, offering space at the church for students to attend classes. Westover was featured in the October 1957 issue of Life magazine, gathered in prayer to end segregation and violence.

Our present – a worshiping and learning community, committed to mission and advocacy in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Westover enjoys and shares a vibrant spiritual and worship life that finds expression in many ministries of compassion, and remains actively and visibly committed to ministries of compassion and advocacy for human rights. We dig deeply into the wisdom of scripture, explore the wisdom of the word for our present context, and act upon our learnings.

Westover is intentional in recognizing and lifting up the contribution of women in all aspects of ministry.

Our pastors have taken public stands opposing the teaching of “creationism” in public schools, testified before state legislative committees against allowing firearms in schools and sanctuaries, and to resist discriminatory “religious freedom” legislation targeting our LGBT community. Members and staff have taken leadership roles in the Arkansas Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival and the Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice.

Our Denomination

Westover in the Community



Where are you?

We meet in the Heights/Kingwood area of Little Rock, at the roundabout intersection of Kavanaugh, McKinley, and Pine Valley Drive (6400 Richard B. Hardie Drive).

When do you meet?

Sunday mornings get started at 9:15 am with Christian education classes. Worship begins in the sanctuary, with announcements at 10:25 am. The service lasts about an hour.

What’s available for children?

We have Sunday School and Childcare for children, starting at 9:15am. When worship begins at 10:30 am, nursery is available for infants and children up to three years, but children are always welcome to stay with adults in worship.

Where do you park?

We have three parking lots. Our main parking lot has entrances on McKinley and Richard B. Hardie Drive at the roundabout and across from the sanctuary. On the north side of campus, at Pine Valley Drive and South Road, the parking lot provides access to the Fellowship Hall (Gym), Gathering Space, and New Chapel. A smaller accessible lot, off Pine Valley/All Pets, is nearest the sanctuary doors. There is also off-street parking on Hardie/Kavanaugh Drive in front of the preschool.

Where do I go inside?

Our regulars know all the secret passageways, but on Sunday morning, it’s easiest just to enter through the glass doors of the sanctuary: take the access ramps from either the main parking lot or the accessible parking lot.

What should I wear?

What makes you comfortable! Seriously – jeans, slacks, sports coats, dresses, sneakers, sandals, heels – it’s all good.

What actually happens during church?

We sing, pray together, sit in silent reflection, hug; basically, we open ourselves up to the sacred and respond to the sacred we find. On occasion, we might baptize an infant or an adult, or pray together for one embarking on a new ministry. For more details, you might check out our Sunday Mornings at Westover page.

Can I take communion?

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper every first Sunday of the month. During the season of Advent (late November) through Easter we celebrate every week. We are an open-communion church: The invitation to the table is not ours but Christ’s, and everyone is welcome to join in.

What if I’m just not ready for Sunday morning?

There are many other ways to get engaged! You’ll find that Westover is a friendly, open, and accepting fellowship. Our First Wednesday Fellowship Meal is a great way to meet your neighbors; you’ll probably see someone there you know. Check out Ministries and Sunday Mornings at Westover pages.

Are the facilities available for non-church use?

Yes! WHPC facilities are available for rental – banquets, parties, recitals, basketball, volleyball, etc. Call the church office, 501.663.6383