Board of Deacons

Class of 2020 – Ann Bell,  Nancy Carter, Scott Hiers, Janice Mitchell and  Robin Tutt

Class of 2021– Marcey Berry, Charlotte Frith, Shirley Garlington, Kay McCollum, Joy Thomas, Laura Whitmore

According to our Presbyterian Church (USA) Book of Order, “The office of deacon as set forth in Scripture is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, of exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, warm sympathies, and sound judgment should be chosen for this office” (G-6.0401). “The ministry of deacons is a ministry of caring; a ministry of love; a ministry of compassion; and a ministry of prayer, and community service (G-6.0402).”

Every church member is called to share the love of Christ with those around them.  Deacons in our church have specific responsibility for ministering to members in times of need, doing such things as visiting in homes and hospitals; providing food and care at special times (birth, illness, death, etc.); for funerals/memorial services, offering receptions, luncheons for the family, greeters for the service; sending cards to members; accompanying the pastor in serving Communion to homebound members; providing rides to worship, church events and medical appointments; giving prayer shawls to members at times of special need; visiting and providing gifts of the season to homebound members at Christmas and Easter; hosting a monthly luncheon with members of Westover who reside at Presbyterian Village.